About Me

I guess I've never felt comfortable in myself: tall, slender framed, or lanky as my granddad used to say!

I decided to become a Personal Trainer not for the initial love of the gym, but at a time when I had lost all my self confidence and self esteem, when I simply didn't want to exist. Then I suddenly realised how working out and being in the gym was the only place I wanted to be, it was my happy place!

I recognised that I was working out for me and not for anyone else, that it was relieving my anxiety and worries, whilst improving how I felt about my body. There were no deadlines or pressures, only encouragement and support. 

So at age 40, I studied hard and qualified as a Fitness Instructor then as a Personal Trainer. Since then I have qualified as Pre and Post Natal Coach and a Women's Specialist Coach. My vision - to provide others with the foundation, courage and the means to increase their self confidence and the opportunity to achieve and maintain their goals.


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