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Hi, I'm Amber...

To me, personal training is a health first approach, to coach and rehabilitate individuals to improved health, movement and performance.

I offer everyone the opportunity to have their mobility, stability and range of motion assessed as well as their current cardio, functional & strength capacity and endurance measured. This information can determine opportunities for focus and improvement, whilst obtaining baseline statistics for progressive comparison.

From here together we can create a personalised action plan to help you achieve better health and a better lifestyle for you, for your family, for the life you want.


For anyone seeking to address and amend their current fitness and nutrition standards, we'll ascertain your current lifestyle and habits, then create a program with incremental progressions so you improve at a steady pace, with positive nutritional additions - no restrictions!


Whatever your exercise or fitness level I WILL find a way to help you move forward. 


 ''It's never too late to become an optimal, more capable version of yourself'' 


Personally, I love going for walks, running, cycling, as well as being on or in the water. Now I also like to work on my joint and muscle strength, but it's not about big weights for me! It's about feeling good in myself.


Initially in the gym I used to stick to mainly cardio equipment and high energy bodyweight classes, until I decided I wanted greater upper body strength, so signed up with a PT... and that changed everything! 

I was in a car accident when I was 17, not severe, but I was diagnosed with a slight curvature in my thoracic spine, and my left shoulder now slopes down due to a healed fractured clavicle joint. This became my exercise barrier.

With a PT not only did I gain strength and tone in all my muscles, I gained greater confidence in my body and in myself - I've always been quite slender but I felt more satisfied with how I looked, I saw curves and felt feminine. It improved my self esteem and my mental health.

So, wanting to help others achieve similar to what I did, at age 40 I qualified as a Personal Trainer too!

What services are available?








HIITSTEP Online Class

How do we work towards reaching your goal?

With regular assessments, coaching and a little effort, together we set you on the best path to achieve improve health for the long term.

Coaching is personalised to an individuals requirements but generally include an exercise program with wellbeing and nutrition support, as well as physical assessments and habit coaching elements.

Live HIITSTEP Classes are £4 each.




T. Leverton

Amber is the most diligent PT that I have worked with over several decades. She is very adaptable and creative to my limitations as a result of injuries. She is always cheerful , aware of my individual needs, and very knowledgeable.

She is the only PT I have known to create workout videos of exercises that can be done at home using bodyweight or a band. She also created specific exercise videos for equipment that I had as well as a pre-op strengthening routine . They were  easy to follow yet effective. She also uses an app for my gym program for when I am not having a PT sessions. These certainly add value!

I would recommend Amber to anyone considering a PT , and of course to anyone who has never had PT sessions before.

K. Goodman

This has been life changing for me, I've been pushed, guided and encouraged to achieve my full potential, and I couldn't have done it alone.

I've gained knowledge with using gym equipment, body posture, routines and nutrition. I've gained the courage to tell myself 'I can do this!' ... and I'm still doing it, Recently I have moved from in person sessions to online coaching yet  I still feel I am fully supported throughout,. Nothing is ever too much trouble, with everything fully explained , clear and simply. I couldn't of asked for a better coach.

Through this experience I have gained and am still gaining confidence, knowledge, power and the ability to make life, body and healthy living changes. I feel better on the inside, I can see changes in how clothing fits, and I cant wait for an evening out where I don't hide from the camera!

M. Keddie

I really enjoyed our sessions. Personally I was not comfortable in doing exercise especially in the gym,  however Amber helped me comfortable and confident. She also helped me realise that small progress is still progress.

I enjoyed the variety of exercises that worked my whole body, and they challenged me . I began to enjoy exercise more and more, and challenging myself - it was no longer a chore.

Ambers coaching style felt personalised to me, she motivated me when I felt like giving up, and she always seemed to go that extra mile which I greatly appreciated. Training with you was all round fun and so beneficial, thank you!


  • NCFE Level 2 in Fitness Instructing (Gym based exercise)

  • NCFE Level 3 in Personal Training

  • CAWS Rebuild graduate - COVID-19 fitness rehabilitation

  • CAWS Fortitude graduate - vulnerable health fitness rehabilitation

  • CAWS Rebound graduate - programming for a return to fitness

  • Institute of Motion Applied Health & Human Performance Specialist

  • DTS Fitness Level 1 Exercise Coach & Physical Assessment certification

  • DTS Fitness - Habits Coaching qualification

  • Active IQ Level 2 Award in Mental Health Awareness

  • Certified Pre & Post Natal Coach (Girls Gone Strong)

  • Certified Women's Coach and Training Specialist (Girls Gone Strong)

  • Qualified HIITSTEP instructor (The HIIT Company)

  • CPD's in - Kettlebells; Suspension; Circuits; Boxing; Functional Movement; Abs and Core exercise; and Small Group Training;


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