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by Amber



What is Personal Training?

Personal training is a service not just to help you to reach your goals, but to enable you to maintain them long term.

It's having someone there to encourage and support you throughout the week, to help you narrow down what you want to achieve, to discover what you are capable of, then coaching and guiding you on that journey. Whatever your goal may be: whether it's to lose weight, to improve muscle tone and strength, or even just to feel fitter, healthier and happier in yourself.

My aim is to build your confidence through knowledge, providing guidance and information on nutrition, whilst coaching you on various exercises using body-weight, free weights and resistance machines - and we won't venture into the weights area unless you feel comfortable and ready to do so!

And its a full package, its not just about what you can do in the gym.


I recognise that there are some things you can't change such as needing to work additional hours, as well as family and social commitments, however together we will work around such challenges as they arise enabling you to succeed regardless.

 ''It's never too late to become a better version of yourself'' 


What's included?

All my packages include:

  • Phased progressive workouts for you to follow, with and without equipment, so can be done at home or in the gym

  • Morning & Evening Routines - start and end your day with small positive actions to benefit you both mentally and physically

  • Daily 100 rep exercises - for completion throughout the day, not all at once, supporting your metabolism and muscle function

  • Nutrition information and guidance - for weight loss, gain and maintenance

  • Well-being assessment - support for sleep improvement, water intake, and to ensure you are making time for You

  • Contact & support from me plus regular check-ins, range of movement assessments, and feedback surveys

See below for the pack options and pricing...


Packs & Prices


3 sessions

a week


2 Gym workouts & optional home workouts


(£360 PER MONTH)


2 sessions

a week


2 or 4 Gym workouts & optional home workouts


(£280 PER MONTH)


1 session

a week


4 or 6 Gym workouts & optional home workouts


(£140 PER MONTH)


No in-person sessions

 yet still fully supported


4 or 6 Gym workouts & optional home workouts


(£100 PER MONTH)

What can you expect?

Together we'll take a step-by-step approach, tweaking your nutrition, habits, sleep patterns, exercises and levels of activity, so you can achieve your goals without sacrificing your life balance - small changes in different areas can lead to longer lasting fitness, weight loss, and a healthier, happier you. 

So, right now, all I ask you to consider is how long have you had your goal for, and are you ready to take the next step for you.








About Amber

I guess I've never felt comfortable in myself: tall, slender framed, or lanky as my granddad used to say!

I decided to become a Personal Trainer not for the initial love of the gym, but at a time when I had lost all my self confidence and self esteem, when I simply didn't want to exist. Then I suddenly realised how working out and being in the gym was the only place I wanted to be, it was my happy place!

I recognised that I was working out for me and not for anyone else, that it was relieving my anxiety and worries, whilst improving how I felt about my body. There were no deadlines or pressures, only encouragement and support. 

So at age 40, I studied hard and qualified as a Fitness Instructor then as a Personal Trainer. Since then I have qualified as Pre and Post Natal Coach and a Women's Specialist Coach. My vision - to provide others with the foundation, courage and the means to increase their self confidence and the opportunity to achieve and maintain their goals.


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